December 2020 Health Newsletter

Hi everyone,

Happy New Year and good riddance to 2020! It's purely psychological but I feel lighter and more hopeful since turning the calendar to 2021. 

Last month I shared some amazing facts about our bodies. I think it is extremely important to trust our body's innate ability to take care of itself. If you aren't sure you believe that I would challenge you to think of the last time you thought about whether or not you breathed, if your heart beat in the past few seconds, or how those meals you consumed today magically turned into energy to move your body and feed your brain? Our bodies are capable of living well over 100 years as long as we make healthy lifestyle choices. Unfortunately, we are living in a world of fast food, chemicals, toxins, and seclusion. Even our miraculous bodies can begin to fail when we continue to abuse them. That's where chiropractic care comes in. Your body won't function properly if your brain can't communicate with all its cells, tissues, and organs. Emotional, chemical (drugs, pollution, preservatives, alcohol, cigarettes, pesticides, etc.), and physical stress affects the brain's ability to talk to your body. Chiropractic care optimizes your information superhighway of nerves to promote optimal function. Adjustments really have nothing at all to do with pain relief. That's just a really fantastic side effect. The real magic occurs in having your muscles, joints, organs, and tissues functioning together in harmony. We call this a state of "ease". When you don't take care of yourself, you enter a state of "dis-ease". Unfortunately, when most people reach a state of dis-ease, they seek medical intervention and become exposed to the chemical stressors of prescription medications. The next time you feel under the weather or not quite yourself, consider getting adjusted instead of medicated. 

Many people are eagerly awaiting the opportunity to receive the COVID vaccine. This vaccine has been fast-tracked to make it available as soon as possible. Unfortunately, there is no recourse for anyone who experiences any adverse effects that occur from receiving this less than thoroughly tested vaccine. Please do your due diligence and research vaccines and indemnification so you can make an informed decision for you and your children. 

It wasn't more than two years ago that we were focused on the opioid epidemic created by greedy drug companies and doctors. Oxycontin earned a whopping $35 billion over two decades. Data from 2018 shows that 128 people in the US died daily from opioid overdose. This catastrophe occurred when the drug companies assured doctors that patients could not become addicted, thus drastically increasing the number of prescriptions written. The good news is that chiropractic care has been recognized as a first option for managing pain. As I have previously stated, chiropractic care isn't about pain management or relief, but it works to provide it anyway. If you find yourself relying on over-the-counter pain medications, patches, or prescription drugs from your doctor, it's time for you to get scheduled. 

Many people get frustrated when they don't get significant relief from their symptoms after one or two chiropractic treatments. To put that into perspective let's say you got a prescription from your doctor that you will be taking for 14 days. Do you expect to feel completely recovered after taking your first dose? Of course not. Each chiropractic adjustment is the equivalent to a dose of medication. Each builds on the previous and your results will depend upon what you do between adjustments and how advanced your state of "dis-ease" is when you begin. The next time you come for your treatment, remember you received only one dose of your prescription. You wouldn't quit taking your medication until it was gone, so don't quit your follow up care until you and I mutually agree it is time. Additionally, let's presume you may have a condition such as type 1 diabetes. You must take your medication daily to stay alive. Depending on your lifestyle (physicality, stress, activity, sleep habits, eating habits, attitude), you may require ongoing chiropractic treatments to maintain function and quality of life. This is considered maintenance care and is essential to good health as we get older. I now am scheduled with my chiropractor every Wednesday in order to maintain my health and ability to perform my daily activities. This is a great thing since there are no side effects, drug reactions, or organ damage that can occur from getting adjusted. Join me for better health by scheduling regular care.

We offer discounted maintenance/wellness appointment packages to make regular care affordable. Give us a call for details on those packages

It is virtually impossible to manufacture your own vitamin D at this time of the year so keep taking your vitamin D3 and read this hopeful article, The Truth about Vitamin D.

Have a wonderful beginning to 2021 and join us for a healthier year. 


Dr. Tracy


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Orthotic Footwear  






Author:Tracy Andrews
Source:Foot Levelers
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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Could Help Your Low Back Pain  

If you struggle with back pain, you may be surprised to learn that there’s a very popular, nonintrusive practice that could help you realize real relief. Mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) programs have grown in popularity lately, but they’ve been in use all over the world for decades. As a mind-based approach to the problem, MBSR can also be used as a complement to other physical methodologies for improving back pain.

What Is MBSR?

MBSR is a mental practice whereby people discipline themselves to only focus on the present moment, not the past or future. It’s an offshoot of mindfulness meditation that shares certain tenets with cognitive behavioral therapy. Practitioners use meditation to practice “staying present” and then incorporate this ability into their everyday lives. This form of treatment usually involves some version of yoga, as well.

Does MBSR Work?

Dennis Anheyer of the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany and a team of researchers looked at seven previously published studies on MBSR. In total, these studies involved 864 patients. They concluded that participants enjoyed small improvements after MBSR treatments for short periods of time. Some studies even resulted in patients experiencing meaningful improvements to their mobility, though they didn’t necessarily last for the long term. When MBSR was paired with yoga, the results for those with disabilities and other physical limitations were even better than when MBSR was used on its own. Dr. Judith A. Turner from the University of Washington in Seattle has also studied MBSR’s benefits. She points out that, compared to other low back pain treatments (e.g. opioid medication and surgery), MBSR involves minimal risks. It can also teach patients new ways to approach their chronic pain that can help lower its perceived severity. While more research into MBSR may be necessary, there’s certainly no reason not to try it. Countless other people have over the past several decades and, as Dr. Anheyer mentioned, it’s certainly safe. He did add, though, that if you meditate or exercise, you should do so regularly.

Spinal Manipulation Helps Relieve Back Pain

Another way you can definitely experience pain relief in your low back – or any area surrounding your spinal column – is to visit your local chiropractor. Spinal manipulation is proven to work, so, after just a single adjustment from a chiropractor, many experience reduced pain and improved mobility, in many cases even after struggling with chronic pain for years.
Source:Annals of Internal Medicine, online April 25, 2017. LLC 2017

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Why Fruit & Veggie Consumption in Young People is Important for Long-Term Health  

Young people are notoriously picky about eating fruits and vegetables, but a diet packed with at least 4 servings of fruits and vegetables per day can preserve long-term cardiac health. While plenty of research on this subject has been done on the older adult population, little research was available for the 18 to 30 demographic until the CARDIA study at the Minneapolis Heart Institute. This study narrowed in on the problem of Coronary Artery Calcium, or CAC, in this age group since CAC analysis helps doctors determine if a patient is more at risk of heart failure. Starting in 1985, this program studied the fruit and vegetable intake of over 5,000 people in a 20-year period. At the conclusion of the study, participants were asked a series of questions about their dietary habits and went under CAC tomography scanning to determine the levels of artery calcium buildup. The study divided the participants into two groups; the first group had a high fruit and vegetable intake of 7 to 8 servings, and the second group had a lower intake of just 2 to 3 servings of fiber per day. Using data collected from interviews and CAC scans, researchers discovered that people with eating habits like those in the first group were less at risk of developing a CAC condition by 26%.
Source:Circulation, online October 26, 2015. LLC 2016

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Studies Prove Daily Consumption of Nuts Reduces Inflammation  

Inflammation is a major contributing factor in many diseases, from heart disease and diabetes to chronic body pain and migraines. Reducing the inflammatory process is an important key in achieving optimal health. But how can a person go about doing this? In a 2016 analysis by the American Society for Nutrition, nuts were shown to be an important component in the inflammation-lowering process. An earlier study (2014) proved that nuts specifically reduced the risk for cardiovascular disease, diabetes and death, but researchers weren’t exactly sure why. The 2016 study evaluated the correlation between nuts and inflammatory biomarkers. Researchers found that substituting meat, processed foods and dairy products with nuts 3 or more times per week significantly reduced the levels of inflammatory biomarkers. In fact, C-reactive proteins were reduced by 20 percent when participate ate nuts 5 days a week. Another inflammatory marker, interleuin-6, was reduced by over 15 percent. What are some ways people can start adding healthy nuts to their diet? They can add 1 ounce of nuts to their daily diet in the following ways. 

  1. Eat them plain as a snack. They will boost energy and provide a great source of protein.
  2. Add nuts to salads. They offer a delicious crunchy texture and are a tasty compliment to vegetables.
  3. Top yogurt with nuts and fruit. This healthy parfait can be eaten as breakfast, a snack, or even as dessert.
  4. Add a variety of nuts to granola or trail mix. 

Inflammation is a major area of concern for chiropractors. A reduction can result in more effective chiropractic adjustments and overall improvements in health and pain levels for their patients.
Source:Am J Clin Nutr ajcn134205, July 27, 2016. LLC 2016

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