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Hi everyone,

How are you doing 5 months into our "pandemic"? I mean, how are you REALLY doing? I will be the first to admit I am struggling with social distancing, masks, limited work and school, no ability to gather for church, family gatherings, funerals, etc. I have sold my soul to the ice cream devil while I try to survive this upheaval. 

I have talked about stress a lot in the past few years but never did I imagine we would ever experience such a long period of heightened stress without a break. Cortisol, our stress hormone, is meant to elevate for a very short time, then quickly return to normal levels. Long term stress causes a constantly elevated level of cortisol. Additionally, increased cortisol causes systemic inflammation in our organs and tissues and also triggers food cravings-usually sugary sources. The longer we are kept from our normal routines, away from our loved ones,  our children not in school, etc., we will develop a much greater risk of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, stroke,  heart disease, and cancer. 

What can we do when our public officials continue to perpetuate our stress? We need to focus on what WE can control: what we eat and drink, how much we move throughout the day, our length and quality of sleep, and our frame of mind and positivity. 

Chiropractic adjustments lower cortisol levels. I am now getting adjusted at least once per week. Aligning your spine influences your nervous system allowing for normal joint and organ function, including digestion, heart/lung function, kidney/liver function, to name a few. Let us help you manage your stress.

The debate in the media continues over the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19 but more and more evidence reveals that almost everyone who succombed was extremely deficient in vitamin D3. This is an extremely inexpensive supplement that we keep in stock. Almost everyone who lives in Minnesota is deficient in D3 because the primary way to keep levels normal is to have exposure (without sunscreen or protective clothing) to sunshine for 15 to 20 minutes per day. Your levels will be much lower if you avoid the sun or use sunscreen. Experts in nutrition recommend levels no lower than 40-50 ng/mL. In fact, COVID-19 patients who had levels between 20-30 ng/mL had a sevenfold higher risk of death than those with levels above 30 ng/mL. Adequate vitamin D3 levels help to boost your immune system. The dose you take is important and almost everyone who does supplement is taking a dose that is far too little. As we move into autumn, our days become shorter, and the strength of the sun's rays weaken, it is even more important to supplement with an adequate dosage. Rather than discussing specific dosage, I would ask you to call the office at 763-427-0820 so we can discuss your individual needs.

As always, please call us to get evaluated or adjusted if you are injured. Time is of the essence in restoring normal joint alignment and promoting soft tissue healing after an injury, whether it involves a sport, a fall, or a car accident. Muscles and ligaments repair in six weeks. Whether they heal with healthy new fibers or scar tissue depends on getting chiropractic care or ignoring the injury. Not sure if you need to schedule? Call us and we can help you determine if you need an appointment. We are here to help. 

Good luck to all parents and grandparents who will be home schooling your children again this fall. There is a wonderful TEDTalk called "Breathe to Heal" by Max Strom. I would highly recommend it for all of us as we work through our stress in any form. 

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Susan, Dr. Rich and I all wish you a peaceful, relaxing Labor Day weekend. Don't hesitate to contact us if we can help you in any way. 

Dr. Tracy


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Orthotic Footwear

Author: Tracy Andrews
Source: Foot Levelers

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Get Out Of The House

With Covid-19 and the resulting changes to our day-to-day activities, many of us are spending more time indoors on or in front of electronics and less time exploring and living life.  Kids and teens are statued in front of TVs engaged in Fortnite Battle Royales.  Moms and dads aren't far behind, binging on Netflix and eating up every last available byte of their neighborhood's shared bandwidth.  During these times, let's not forget how to live, to move, to explore.  If you're going stir crazy, if you're stuck indoors consuming copious amounts of bandwidth, we encourage you to take a break from all that heavy streaming of bites and bytes, and take some time to enjoy some living.  Get out of the house.  Throw on a mask and take a walk, a jog, a run or go for a drive.  Check out the birds, the squirrels, count some clouds, get some sun.  Be safe, social distance, but remember to get out of the house!

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: ChiroPlanet.com

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Alcohol Consumption Gets A Long Needed Cut

Since 1990, U.S. Dietary Guidelines for Americans has recommended no more than two alcoholic drinks for men and one drink for women daily. However, after 30 years that's about to change. The committee of experts responsible for these guidelines now recommend both men and women limit their alcohol consumption to a maximum of one drink per day, at most. A primary reason for this change is the link to cancer. According to researchers, alcohol consumption is the third most common cause of preventable cancer, aside from smoking and obesity. It's also important people understand these guidelines are not recommending adults drink one alcoholic beverage daily. Instead, the guidelines are for those who already consume alcohol to ensure they don't over indulge, as the data shows this increases their risk of death. In fact, the committee experts now explicitly discourage the drinking of alcohol for any reason.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: Scientific Report of the 2020 Dietary Guidelines Advisory Committee

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Choose Water, Not Diabetes

New research based on tracking more than 80,000 women over a decade indicates replacing sugary drinks such as fruit juice and soda with water lowers the risk of developing diabetes. This finding does not appear to be based on higher water consumption in the diet. Instead, the reduction in developing diabetes appears to be related to the reduction in consuming sugary beverages. The more sugar-based drinks and fruit juices consumed the higher the risk of developing diabetes. Specifically, researchers found an approximate 10 percent higher incidence for diabetes with each cup of sugary drink / fruit juice consumed per day. Researchers also found that one cup of coffee or tea was a good replacement for one cup of sugary drink / fruit juice. So by swapping that soda, fruit juice or other sugar-based beverage with water, coffee or tea, additional calories can be eliminated from the diet and more importantly, a reduction in diabetes risk can be obtained.

Author: ChiroPlanet.com
Source: American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, online May 2, 2012.

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