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My chiropractic story began in my early teens after I injured my back reaching into the refrigerator for a bottle of milk. I recall dropping to my knees from the pain, unable to get back on my feet. My parents took me to our local doctor of chiropractic. He examined me, took x-rays of my back, and gave me my first chiropractic treatment. I was able to walk out of his office - pain free and upright! I remember thinking how incredible it was that, using only his hands - and no shots or medications, he alleviated my pain. I was so strongly influenced by that experience that I eventually decided to dedicate my life to helping others through chiropractic.

Without chiropractic care to help me with a multitude of injuries, I would not be here telling my story and serving others since 1988. I hope my story inspires you to call us. Everyone deserves to experience the benefits of "true health and well-being" through chiropractic! Tracy Andrews

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